Embrace Growth – founded in 2001 is an unique educational business with centers in Los Angeles, Toronto, Hamburg, London and Dubai, serving the personal development needs of thousands of people internationally through an integrated physical, mental, emotional and spiritual technology.

We work with clients privately in our offices or by telephone and Skype. Our primary focus is working with groups through seminars, workshops, TV shows and tele-conferencing.

Our name is a suggestion to accept and embrace life’s inevitable challenges as an opportunity for Personal Growth.

The Guiding Principles of Our 

Do what works

Never follow traditions because everyone else does. What worked in the past may no longer be relevant. Have the courage to find your own way.

Without integrity, nothing works

Honesty works – Dishonesty doesn’t. Without honesty there is no hope for intimacy. Honor your relationships by being honest with your Love ones. Honor your life by being honest with yourself.

Embrace Growth

Embrace life exactly as it is. Your greatest challenges are there for you to discover Inner resources and reveal your greatest gifts. Challenges are opportunities for growth.

Cut the Drama

It’s an addiction. Take the path of least resistance and you’ll find that life does not have to be so hard.
Responsibility is the path to true freedom. Responsibility isn’t something you accept, it’s a privilege you claim. It’s a stand you take to empower yourself.

Gratitude & Appreciation

Gratitude and appreciation are like water and sunshine to a to any relationship. Without it love dies. You want and need it, so do others.

The world needs your gift

You are here for reason. You have unique talents and gifts that only you can deliver. Each of us is a piece of humanity’s genius. Sharing your gift is the source of Joy and satisfaction. Living means fulfilling your purpose.
Contribution is the source of well-being

You have what you’re committed to

If you want to know what you’re committed to, look around. Your life right now, is result of commitments that you have made and kept. At every moment you are either living by your commitments or your addictions. You will know who you are by the commitments that you are willing to make and keep.

We create innovative programs that include TV shows, Private Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Seminars, Workshops, Books, CDs and DVDs.

A sample of our ever incresing programs include items such as:


Gregory Morgan

Azita Sayan

People from all walks of life take our programs and achieve results beyond their highest expectations. Our clients include Doctors, Lawyers, homemakers, teachers, troubled teens and parents, battered and abused women, husbands, fathers and businessmen.

Our students learn to develop their own inner knowledge, wisdom and creativity with increased sensitivity and heightened awareness.

We have helped our clients to completely eradicate a variety of issues including the following.

A partial scope includes:

– Relationship issues
– Depression
– Phobias
– Weight loss
– Smoking
– Addictions – drugs, sex, alcohol, gambling and eating disorders
– Indecision
– Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
– Stammering
– Travel sickness
– Insomnia
– Marriage selection
– Divorce
– Infidelity
– Sexual abuse