What is WOW?

The Age of Transformation is upon us.  Women are reclaiming their power now.  This includes the power to be loved, to express yourself, and to be responsible for your own life.

“Never before has it been more urgent for women to regain their natural wisdom and power.  Future generations depend on our ability to have joyous and fulfilling relationships with men.” – Azita Sayan


Yesterday’s women valued a man’s love more than the love they gave to themselves.  They spent YEARS manipulating, begging, yearning, and growing old waiting to be loved.

WOW is a 3 day workshop for women only that gives you access to being a happy, irresistible woman with power and confidence.  We call such a woman, a Queen.  You will have breakthroughs in the areas of your life that are important to you in a safe and fun atmosphere.

WITH WOW, you will have the possibility to

  • Transform your relationship with men forever.
  • Be a magnetic woman that men love to be around.
  • Be your romantic self and have him love you for who you are.

What WOW graduates have to say

“This workshop is life-changing. I know now that everything in life has a deeper meaning behind it. I found my life’s purpose, and my dream job-WOW!”

Bita G.

“I trust myself, my choices and my power as a woman. It feels good to wake up every day-certain that I am lovable and adorable. recommend it to all women.’

Mercy S

“This workshop resolved all of my self doubt! I feel confident, and powerful. I’m very happy I participated!”

Sharareh S.

“I see and love my husband totally. I am so grateful to have participated in WOW! Senior citizen of the class!”

Ginny B.

“I finally forgave myself, and fell madly in love with me! For the first time in years I dealt with the most difficult things in my life and I overcame them all.”

Leila S.

“I lost 10 lbs as soon as I registered and have stayed fit. I have finally won the battle inside of me- there are no words to thank you and these women who have been a blessing in my life.”

Mojdeh P.

“I got to know myself and men in ways that I didn’t realize, I finally met the man of my dreams. I have so much power and strength. I feel empowered and I love myself.”

Sadaf F.