Dear Gregory,

I’m a fan of your CDs. I don’t have access to Persian TV but I listen to your CDs almost every single day; kind of like memorizing them word for word.

John Green

Dear Gregory,

Happy Birthday to the best, greatest, smartest advisor in United States of America….Haven’t seen anyone like him anywhere else….Have YOU????



I am totally inspired by you and your awesome commitment. You are truly living a legacy of love. Outrageous Man!!!!! That’s you! Love,

Stephanie R

Dear Gregory,

12 Stages of Romantic Relationship is so wonderful.

Having followed lots of your TV shows both Donyaye Eshgh and Love Talk, I had heard most of the 1st Volume but here much deeper.
I love the “Romantic’s Tango” section so much. The “Partnership”, “Contribution” and especially the “Communion” part are so touching to me; I love them so much too.
I have just listened once to the CDs so I may have some questions or comments when I go deeper to the subject and listen to them more.
Thank you so much for the “12 Stages of Romantic Relationship” and also for giving me the great chance of having it and learning its lessons. Thank You!
With Love and Respect, Shiva Dear Dr.Sayan
I live in Iran and I always watch your TV shows.
I just want to say that we all admire you and your lovely husband. Please say hello to him from all of us here in Tehran.
I wish you success


Dear Gregory and Azita,Hi!

My name is Helya, I’m 14 years old and I live in Montreal, Canada. I really love your shows, and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the positive energy that you give us through your shows. You’ve had such a great influence on my life that I want to become a psychologist when I grow up. I really admire you both. Thank you so much again for everything…

With all my Love and support,


Dear Dr Sayan,

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your book Girl Talk. The book is truly transformative reading, and I have been devouring it since I received it a couple of days ago. Beyond its contents, the book represents your exemplary care for and commitment to people whom you help. I was deeply touched.
Talking with you has helped me to grow immensely, both as an individual and in my relationships. I hope I will have the pleasure of meeting you some day in person. I don’t know if I will ever be able to do anything for you in return for the many things I have learned from you. Sending you and your dear husband our warmest regards and best wishes.


Dear Gregory,

Thank you so much for your beautiful wonderful useful shows and your time and efforts for helping us to solve our problems with sharing your knowledge!
I owe you a lot since from your beautiful points of view which are obvious that deeply thought I learned a lot. And to me your shows (both Love Talk & Donyaye Eshgh) are like therapy sessions so I really try to follow them all and don’t miss any of them during the week. I enjoy a lot when I listen to your advices and explanations of different issues. They are really specific..


Dear Gregory and Azita,

I am an avid viewer of your show. I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for not only your existence but let you know something good always happens whenever you guys are helping people. Not only have I watched your show; but recommend it to friends when they ask the cliché’ “what to do” questions that friends normally ask one another. Glad to report, you have been helpful to many nameless and faceless audience. I laugh, cry, learn, and get angry all in the span of your shows. Many times you guys have made me say: Aha…so that’s what I should have done…or: Wow, what a unique way to deal with such a problem…or: I can’t believe this caller is resisting help to better their life. I feel and what I truly believe … is that building or reaffirming relationship is your primary objective for every caller you advise.You always come across with good manners, firm statements, and passion for the person in need. As an audience member, I expect no less than what you both have put forth and made such a loyal viewer of me.

Please keep up the most unique path I have seen thus far in any “educational” talk show. Also, for the love of God, don’t hold back!!!!
See you next week!


Dear Gregory:

Love the CDs. They definitely will require repeated listening. You’ve got something very big to share with the world. Join the ranks of Pema Chodron, Jack Kornfield, Thich Nhat Hanh, and others. You are One with Greatness! I can tell this information will be life changing for me… I’m honored and enlightened. I absolutely love to hear you talk about your love of Azita. She is a lucky woman to be the recipient of your deep, powerful and loving wisdom. Thanks for being willing to put yourself out there in the world. What a gift you are! Answered prayer.

Love & blessings

Janice E

Dear Dr Sayan

I’ve read your book just recently and I wished I read it at age 15. It’s very good.

Farzi (Zohreh)

Dear Gregory,

You are unfolding as such a terrific specimen of a man; it is a pleasure to be in your life. I wish you the very best of everything this year. I am soooo proud of the work that you and Azita are doing in contribution to community – and I deeply appreciate the brilliant relationship the two of you have created. It is an inspiration.


John King

Dear Azita,

I’d like the first set – Legacy of Love. Please tell Gregory – they are awesome!! I want a set for all my nieces, and for every couple I know. Just Amazing.

Susan Sonne

Dear Azita,

I’d like the first CD set – Legacy of Love. Please tell Gregory – they are awesome!! I want a set for all my nieces, and for every couple I know. Just Amazing. Susan S

My husband watched your and Gregory’s show today and he said it was your best show ever. Every call was meaningful to us and your advice so valuable… Dear Dr. Sayan and Dr. Morgan,
My name is Jennifer and I am from San Diego Ca. It was a privilege and honor to have met you both at the Concert yesterday Feb.11.06.I know we only met for a couple of brief minutes, and I felt like expressing all the emotions of excitement going on in my body as seeing you both there. I was incredibly happy and I really meant what I said, when I told you that you have been a great inspiration and wonderful coaches for everyone especially young Persian girls who are trying very hard to assimilate with both cultures in U.S.
I just wanted to let you guys know that you guys are doing an awesome job helping people, and for that I want you to raise your glasses and “Cheers.” : ). You may know you are doing a Superb job, but I felt that it is needed to know the effect (good) you are impacting on so many peoples lives. I love you both for it, and I am very fortunate to have you both be a part of my life every Tuesday .


Dear Gregory and Dr. Sayan,

Congratulations, Not only you are the best looking couple, you also have the best show on worldwide TV. IT IS ALREADY A HIT!. This is such a progressive show and you are performing it so great. Our Iranian society around the world desperately needs this. Thank you for your passion, dreams and services.

Best regards and much success.


Hi Gregory,

I want to acknowledge you for the amazing contribution you make in my life and in the lives of others. You have so many tremendous gifts that you share and teach others about love and relationship. You and your marriage are such an inspiration! My friend and mentor!!

Peace and Possibility,

Vanessa J

Dear Gregory and Dear Azita,

I am thankful to you, you are in my heart. You make life beautiful for us and many people in the world especially in IRAN. We need Love Talk. The talk you and Dr Azita in the TV with us is like, Rain on the grass and especially in Iran is like Rain on the desert (Wilderness).

I think the Nobel Peace Prize must be given to Dr Sayan and you Dear Gregory because: you bring amity, happy glee, for our family.
You plant a tree of friendship and peace in our home. Whereas many people cause bad luck for man.
I hope you and Dear Azita always have fun and happiness.
The life for me, my daughter, my son and my husband was very sorrow and worry. But now in our home is quiet and peace.
There is no more War and hatred. Now I want you to know that you have helped my son become a REAL MAN. I thank you very much. Now in our home are of talks you.

I LOVE YOU and I LOVE Dr Azita Sayan

Azizam. N